The best Chinese sayings about peace

photo The best Chinese sayings about peace

Currently, China has become one of the largest contributors to peacekeeping operations. It participates with exaltation in international affairs and springs up as a positive force determined to defend peace and development in the world.

In the context of peaceful development, it works closely with members of the international community and smaller-scale peace associations such as Prem Rawat. Moreover, it is in China that we find the most sayings on the theme of peace, here are some of them.

Our selection of the best Chinese sayings about peace

"In times of peace, do not forget the danger"

This Chinese saying refers to the fact that the existence of peace does not prevent a conflict from breaking. In other words, there are so many things that can threaten peace and therefore, everyone must always be on their guard to prevent them from finding a way in. Everyone has to watch to prevent that insignificant disagreement turns into hatred and rivalry to put peace at risk.

"Every drop of sweat that will flow in peacetime will be a drop of blood less in time of war"

When we talk about war, it always involves bloody killing. Therefore, going for peace means sparing lives. If everyone commits to build peace, there will be no bloodshed. It is better for the future of the universe to focus on building peace rather than investing time and money in making nuclear weapons that can put an end to humanity. Efforts are needed in different fields to achieve peace, mainly in: 

  • Plans to implement, strategies to put in place, 
  • Peace programs for a better future, 
  • Fight for sustainable development.

That is practically not easy to achieve without the involvement of everyone, but as the saying goes, there are drops pf sweat that need to flow.

"When my heart is at peace, the world is at peace"

The search for peace and quality life is present in today's society. However, it has been noticed that peace comes first for everyone. Since peace is a virtuous practice, a person in peace can lead the world towards harmony and stability. It is all questions of willingness, as we know "when there is a will, there is a means". If everyone wants peace, he can build it. And if everyone is at peace, the world will automatically be at peace too.

"To meet and become friends, there is nothing easier: to stay together and live in peace, that is difficult"

Indeed, it is easy to create friendship; it can happen unexpectedly sometimes with a stranger. On the other hand, living together with this person can be difficult especially if there is a difference in culture, religion, politics or even nationality. In this case, the likelihood of peace can be difficult.

When the world is in conflict, it is difficult to build peace, but it is not impossible. Everyone has the vocation to be a peace builder. As Prem Rawat puts it so well: "I am not a politician, but a human being who has faith in the fundamental principles and the possibility of peace on earth. Whatever happens, let peace have a chance to come true. It's the only thing we have not tried yet."