Peace: what actions to take?

Peace: what actions to take?

If there is no war, it does not necessarily mean that there is peace. In other words, peace is not only the absence of war. It is a deep-rooted concept, a virtue, a desire for benevolence and justice. It is also considered a prerequisite for development; no development can be envisaged if there is no peace.

Yet peace building is only possible by dealing with problems of conceptual confusion and lack of strategy. Indeed, it has been noticed that peace building has shown a great strategic gap in the efforts to bring it about. Many peace associations such as Prem Rawat are working on the issue. To learn more about it, you can visit : 

Overcoming confusions and conceptual confusion to consolidate peace

The overall goal of peace building implies a lasting and equitable peace. To this end, the main instruments available would be the different types of development aids aiming to put an end to frustration.

Prem Rawat is one of them. This concept is an important accompaniment to preventive precautions, but also to recovery and maintaining of peace. These are two very distinct concepts, but are often associated in the field. Peace building can: 

  • Help prevent the outbreak of violent conflict, 
  • Prepare the way for peace-building processes, 
  • Support these processes, 
  • Assist in the reconstruction of entities after conflicts. 
  • Be necessary before the declaration of conflict, during and after it.

Put in place peace education

To discuss the theme of peace among student communities can be a good initiative to foster it. The theme of peace has long been a matter of concern for different institutions. It has become a major issue for society and is currently at the center of citizen mobilization worldwide.

To address peace in university campuses, it is useful, even essential, to contextualize it. In other words, it must be approached according to the overall atmosphere and intellectual habits of the campus. For example, resorting to secularism in a French university campus is more practical than on an Irish campus.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the trend of the campus, especially the surrounding social environment. This can help to find the best solution that fits the reality and is likely to better reflect the intention of peace.

Develop national strategic frameworks to consolidate peace

Peace building involves creating a strategic framework that can structure our thoughts and actions. In this case, the interventions must be comprehensive, consistent and harmonious. Therefore, there is a need for simplification and clarification for a deep insight about the situations in order to set up the suitable framework.

Indeed, peace building is not just about rebuilding infrastructure and disarmament; it is neither about the repatriation of refugees or about the reintegration of people who have been excluded from their own country. Indeed these have to be done on the way to reach peace but they are not the final objectives.

Certainly, three dimensions are also to be considered in terms of the peace building, namely: security, political development and socio-economic development. It may cost a lot but it is necessary to reconcile us and make the world a better place.